Shelly’s Jellys, LLC is truly a “mom and pop” business. We have no employees and use no 50 – 100 gallon steam pots or mechanized production lines. We use more fruit or berries, less sugar (only enough to help the batch firm up) and no high fructose corn syrup.

We make our jelly, jam and dessert toppings the old fashioned way – one small batch at a time.

These are the many reasons why SHELLY’S JELLYS ARE THE BEST YOU CAN BUY!!

Huckleberry Jalapeño

Shelly’s Jellys Gift Box

Need to give a gift?
Get up four 4oz jars of your favorite flavors in our gift box for $30!

If you have questions about ordering contact us here or give us a call at: Dan and Ruth Naldrett
Home Phone: (406)-756-8924
Cell Phone: (406)-260-2724